Iraqi National Leadership Holds Meeting to Discuss Overall Situation in the Country


President Salih held a meeting today at the Baghdad Palace with Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi and The Parliament’s Speaker Mohammed al-Halboosi.
The discussions at the meeting highlighted the recent results of the health situation amid the spared of the novel coronavirus as well as political, economic and security developments over the country.
Emphasis was placed on the importance of continuing the health authorities to provide the medical supplies and treatment in addition to developing the possibilities offered to hospitals and places of the quarantine which would deliver the best treatment to citizens.
The attendees expressed profound appreciation to the spirit of human and national sacrifice made by the medical and nursing staff and all those involved in the field of providing treatment and preventive service. They stressed the importance of the responsible work which could be played by the citizens and Iraqi family through fully adhering to the health regulations and directives. This helps to create an integrated health relationship between citizens and health authorities.
Those in attendance discussed various possible ways to overcome the repercussions of the current financial situation on the lives of citizens, particularly vulnerable social groups and low-income persons so as to help in securing services basically in the area of health in addition to sustaining the movement of life and the market.
All meeting participants commended the governmental procedures that are concerned with ensuring the diversity of national income sources and seeking to reduce the rentier nature of the economic and financial system.
 In the same vein, they expressed deep appreciation for the governmental measures taken to control borders, ports and other points of entry, to manage work processes and to root out corruption in a way that preserves public money and the national economy, and confirms sovereignty of the state and the power of law.
 In the security field, the meeting examined with particular interest the ongoing security, intelligence and military measures to continue the war on terror and to eliminate the hotbed, active and sleeper cells of the terrorism.
Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi presented the programme of the two forthcoming visits to Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Iran.
The importance of relations between Iraq and neighboring countries was stressed and promoted so as to promote constructive cooperation in various fields, to secure the interests of the peoples of the region and to contribute to the creation of a more stable regional environment based on good understanding, national sovereignty as well as enhancing understanding which would boost security, peace and progress in the region.
All the sides noted that Iraq's cooperation with the fraternal and neighboring states can help in the reconstruction and improvement of the economy.
 The discussions at the meeting also stressed the need to work hard and strenuously to create the potential for early elections to set the date of election in the light of the commitments and pledges being taken in the front of the people. It is also suggested to complete speedily the necessary amendment to the law to hold a free and fair election reflecting democratic and popular will of the people.
In the context of legislative and oversight work, the next legislative program of the House of Representatives was discussed at the meeting. The Presidencies confirm their full support to the efforts of the investigation committee in the electricity sector aiming to reach the causes of deterioration in this sector; and persons at fault should be held to account.
All agreed and emphasized the national project in support of a capable sovereign State, which is capable of protecting the rights of the citizen and the security of the homeland and its sovereignty. They discussed the various necessary steps to strengthen the role of the State and to consolidate its sovereignty.
Emphasis was placed on the need to continue work and actions which would strengthen national partnership and achieve national balance, as stipulated in the Constitution, in order to establish the principles of the State of citizenship and the rule of law.
The discussions at the meeting also covered the relations between the Federal Government and the KRG, and stressed the need to work for practical measures that would help resolve the outstanding issues, so as to ensure the rights of citizens without discrimination and according to the constitution as well as promoting the responsible national understanding.