Iraqi National Leaders Agree that It Is Vital to Promote Domestic Security in Iraq, and State's Authority Must Be Promoted, and Iraqi Citizens Must Be Protected from the Impact of Harsh Economic Conditions


Iraqi Presidencies held a meeting on Tuesday, January 12, 2021. It was held at Baghdad Palace. In addition to President of the Republic of Iraq, Barham Salih, Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi, Speaker of the Parliament Mohammed al-Halbouosi and the Head of the Supreme Judicial Council, Chief Justice Faiq Zidan also attended the meeting. Recent developments in politics, the economy and in security-related Iraqi matters were discussed, while the importance of upcoming elections has been focused.
All meeting participants emphasized how important it was to establish stability in Iraq, and citizens' lives and their property must be protected. They agreed how best to strengthen State's authority and the security agencies' authority, so it can better enforce Iraqi law as well as maintaining peace and security for the community.
Those in attendance agreed it was of critical importance to concerted all national efforts, and work towards supporting the state's authority and building a strong and capable Iraqi government having full sovereignty. The state should protect the rights of Iraqi citizens and should maintain their security. Any act outside the law must be prevented, and unlicensed and uncontrolled weapons must be monopolized by the State, they said.
The discussion at the meeting highlighted the importance of the country's next election as it is a democratic and constitutional process in the country. Especially, it will be held after a popular movement and a wide national public opinion giving voice to their great hopes for better times and demanding to make sweeping reforms. So that the country's next election has been required to be a true response to the nation's aspirations and the demands of the political life and the public services that the Iraqi deserve to have. This will be the peaceful course to achieve the desired reforms, and ensure a large turn-out in the elections.
 In the same vein, the meeting participants emphasized that all the State's agencies, political powers and all social activities should support the necessary measures that will help to conduct the next federal election. So to do that, we have to ensure that elections must be fair and free and there should be no fraud, electoral manipulation or pressure on voters when they cast ballots for their representatives, they said.
All the stages of elections must be prevailed by an atmosphere of fairness and transparency, they said, while agreeing that it was equally important that Independent High Electoral Commission(IHEC) be supported by the United Nations in monitoring and oversight to ensure that the Iraqi election was held in line with international standards. 
Attendants also agreed that it is of great importance to pass the bill of the General Budget Act of 2021, and it should be in a way that protects citizens' rights, and prevents the effects of the current financial crisis on the country's economic situation. The lower income groups of Iraqi society are also needed to be protected from the financial crisis, they added.  It is vital that financial lingering issues between the Federal Government and the Kurdistan Regional Government be resolved finally, thereby guaranteeing the rights and the salaries of all the employees and this shouldn't be a part of political disagreements between them, they emphasized.