The President of the Republic Receives a Delegation of religious clerics in the Kurdistan Region


H.E. Dr. Fuad Masum the President of the Republic received a delegation of Muslim clerics in the Kurdistan Region, headed by Khalid Sheikh Hussein Mohammed the director of the Maulana Complex and the membership of the owners of the tolerant mark Sheikh Mullah Mohammed Shalmashi, and Professor Dr. Majid Saeed the preacher of the Great Mosque of Sulaymaniyah and Dr. Hadi Ahmed the professor of readings and preacher of mosque Haji Ahmed in Sulaymaniyah, in Baghdad today Saturday August 11th 2018.
During the meeting, the President stressed the importance of the great role of religious clerics in directing society to reject differences, unite ranks, fight Takfiri and terrorist ideology through proper religious guidance and convey the true image of true Islam, which calls for brotherhood, tolerance and deepening of dialogue, cooperation and peaceful coexistence between all sects, religions and humanity, stressing his support for all initiatives in this direction.
On the other hand, members of the visiting delegation stressed their keenness to clarify the danger of extremist ideology to society and the need to mobilize all energies to uphold the values of justice, equality and mutual respect, pointing out the interest of the clerics in Kurdistan to spread moderate Islam and reject extremism and expiation of the other, they also expressed their thanks to the President of the Republic for his help and support for the needs of religious institutions aimed at achieving national stability and peace in the country and strengthening national unity.