Statement of H.E. the President of the Republic on the Attack on the Iranian Consulate in Basra


In the name of Allah the Merciful
In the past few days, protest demonstrations of citizens of Basra have continued in areas of the dear province of Basra, demanding the improvement of the conditions of their service, economic and political life to ensure a decent life for them and their families and to end their severe and aggravated suffering as a result of administrative failures and corruption in various fields.
However, some of the demonstrations were exploited for purposes other than their own with numbered extremist demonstrators destroying offices and property belonging to Iraqi and foreign institutions. The most dangerous of which was the attack of unknown assailants set fire to the headquarters of the Iranian consulate in Basra, while some unprovoked attacks resulted in confrontations that led to martyrdom and injuries among the unarmed citizens as well as many casualties amongst members of the security forces.
We condemn the attack on the headquarters of the Iranian consulate in Basra and call for an urgent investigation to found out those responsible for it, their motives, and to implement the law against them. We affirm our country's great keenness to protect and develop the relations of friendship between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Iraq as government and people in all fields.
We also appreciate the initiative of citizens and notably the sons of the clans, by preventing infiltrators in the demonstrations from burning and destructing buildings of diplomatic and governmental institutions, service projects, and partisan headquarters, and in supporting the security forces in maintaining security.
Fuad Masum
President of the Republic