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Dr. Abdul Latif Rashid Resume

Dr Rashid completed his Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Liverpool in 1968, then completed a Master's Degree in 1972 in Hydraulics, and concluded a PhD in Water Hydraulics in 1976 both at the University of Manchester.

Early Career 
He was appointed to Sir William Halcrow & Associates Consulting Firm in London from 1975 - 1976. 
He moved to Saudi Arabia in February 1977 to supervise the National Saudi irrigation and development project. 
Dr Rashid was then assigned to work in Somalia in the Northern Irrigation Project to conduct a survey and evaluation of the project from 1979 until 1981.
He then became the project lead for the International Food and Agriculture Organization - Agricultural Development Project for Wadi Tuban in Yemen for the period 1981-82, and later the Jizan Valley Dam and irrigation project between 1982 - 1983.
Dr Latif Rashid was chosen as the project Director of the International Food and Agriculture Organization and supervised a number of specialized experts in the International Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) for the period between 1983 - 1986. 

He would later become a formal candidate for the Director General position at the UN FAO in 2011. 

Personal Profile 
He is married to Shanaz Ibrahim Ahmed, a member of the political bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, a prominent politician and a long serving humanitarian, commonly known for her literary activism. Together they have two sons and one daughter. 

Dr. Rashid speaks 3 languages: Arabic, Kurdish and English. 

Professional Profile 
Dr. Abdul Latif Rashid is a licensed engineer, a fellow of the Institute of Civil Engineers in Britain, a member of the International Commission for Irrigation and Sanitation, Head of the International Commission for Irrigation and Sanitation in Iraq, a member of the Iraqi Society of Engineers, and a member of the Iraqi Engineers Association. He has affiliations with multiple other scientific societies and forums. 
Dr Latif Rashid was a founding board member of the Kurdistan Children’s Fund from 1992, a registered charity serving to protect children’s rights. 
Dr Rashid has published several scientific research and literature in both Arabic and English, namely on Iraq Water Resources.
He was recently designated a professorship at the University of Exeter and continues to contribute efforts to academic centers, including the University of Sulaymaniyah. 

Political Profile 
The political history of Dr. Abdul Latif Rashid began in the 1960’s, when he joined the Kurdistan Democratic Party and became an effective member, as well as leading the Kurdish Student Association in Europe. He participated in the formation of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in 1975, which emerged from the Kurdistan Democratic Party. He then proceeded to become the PUK party’s delegate in Britain, and its representative in a number of other European countries.

His political activities continued as he was elected as a member of its Executive Leadership Council of the Iraqi National Congress, which played a pivotal role in the opposition that overthrew the regime in Iraq in 2003.

He was appointed as the Minister of Water Resources of Iraq from December 2003 until December 2011, one of the longest serving Iraq ministers. The main achievements during this time were restoring and rebuilding water infrastructures of Iraq, and re-flooding the illustrious marshlands which had been previously drained. The Ministry of Water resources was awarded for their achievements during Dr Latif Rashid’s two terms in ministerial office.

He was appointed as the Senior Advisor to the late President Jalal Talabani at the end of 2010 until October 31, 2018.

He was elected President of Iraq on October 13, 2022