Denial and Clarification


Gulf media have reported from (an unofficial) source that "Iran has offered to negotiate to Saudi Arabia, and that the Iraqi President proposed to mediate and carry a message to Riyadh from his Iranian counterpart."
We affirm that this news is absolutely untrue. We stress the need to take accurate information from reliable sources, which is in line with the professional charters of the media.
As for the details of President Barham Salih's recent tour, we repeat what the President of the Republic said in all his meetings: "Iraq does not play the role of mediation as much as it seeks to spare Iraq the repercussions of the conflict in the region."
His Excellency emphasizes: "Iraq is a point of convergence of common interests between its Arab and regional environment in the pursuit to strengthen friendship and brotherhood, while maintaining full sovereignty and respect for other countries".
Media Office of the President