Emphasizing the Necessity to Support the Independence of the Judiciary, President Salih Receives the Head of the Supreme Judicial Council


President Barham Salih received Judge Faiq Zaidan, Head of the Supreme Judicial Council, at the Presidential Office, in Baghdad, Monday, December 3, 2018.
During the meeting, President Salih underscored the need to work according to the principle of separation of powers, provide full support for the independence of the judiciary, strengthen the rule of law, and safeguard the constitution.
His Excellency demonstrated that one of the priorities of the President is to work to ensure the implementation of the constitution.
Dr. Barham Salih stressed on the necessity of cooperation between the Presidency of the Republic and the Supreme Judicial Council in preparing laws and legislations that come in line with the developments of the stage and the situation in the country, and the re-evaluation of the laws that need to be reviewed.
For his part, Judge Faiq Zaidan commended President Salih's keenness to strengthen the rule of law and support the development of the work of the Supreme Judicial Council.
His Excellency emphasized the importance of the role of the Presidency as a protector of the Constitution, which gives the judiciary an unlimited independence and support.


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