During a Meeting with a Large Delegation of Members of Muthanna’s Local Government, President Salih Stresses the Need to Form a Balanced National Professional Government


President Barham Salih emphasized the need to form a balanced national professional government for the advancement of the country's situation and for the preparation for the stage of post-ISIS liberation.
His Excellency received a large delegation headed by Mr. Faleh al-Zeadi, Governor of Muthanna, Mr. Ahmed Menfi the Governor-elect, in addition to the Head of the Provincial Council, a number of members of the Council, and directors of administrative, security, and service departments.
The delegation reviewed the real status of the province and the problems it suffers, notably in the field of services, infrastructure, financial allocations, and the overlap of powers. 
The meeting also discussed the living conditions in the province.
During the meeting, His Excellency also asserted the need to be out of the tunnel of futile political wrangling, and focus on improving the level of services rendered to the citizens of the provinces in order to lift the injustices, provide employment opportunities, and eliminate unemployment.
The President Expressed hope that the Province of Muthanna will witness further attention in the field of services, calling for more coordination between local governments and federal authorities, notably in the issue of transfer of authorities between the provinces.
His Excellency lauded the heroic and honorable history of the people and the tribes of Muthanna Province and its stance in the face of injustice and tyranny over the decades.
On the other hand, the visiting delegation appreciated His Excellency’s special attention and keenness to provide services and a decent life for the people of the Province.
The delegation included members of Provincial Council, security commanders, managers of health, education, investment, electricity, and water resources, as well as representatives of the Journalists Syndicate, and tribal and societal figures in Muthanna.


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