The President Condoles for the death of Great Poet Arian Sayyid Khalaf


H.E. Dr. Barham Salih directed a speech of condolences on the death of Arian Sayyid Khalaf the great poet, who passed away this morning, Wednesday, December 5th 2018.
The following is the full text:
"With pain, I condole the Iraqi people, with their various affiliations, for the death of Arian Sayyid Khalaf the great poet and a nationalist democratic struggler, who is regarded as one of the pillars of the renovation of the Iraqi popular poem, and one of its most important voices since the sixties so far.
Peoples are known by their writers and creators, and the deceased was a voice that expresses the people, their pain, and their aspirations. With his departure, Iraq has lost a poetic symbol and a nationalist struggler for the sake of freedom and justice.
We extend our condolences to his family, and to the people who have been repeating his poems for decades, wishing patience and solace to the family of the deceased, and to his loved ones, and to his soul forgiveness and mercy.

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