The President Underscores the Necessity of Working in a National Spirit to Achieve the Aspirations of the Iraqis


President Barham Salih received His Eminence Sayyed Ammar al-Hakim, Head of the Alliance for Reform and Reconstruction at the Presidential Office in Baghdad, Monday January 7, 2019.
His Excellency asserted that the constitutional entitlements of the next stage and what the region is witnessing of developments require unification of visions and ideas among the Iraqi political forces, and to work in a national spirit to achieve the hopes and aspirations of the Iraqis.
During the meeting, they discussed the latest local and regional developments on the political situations and the importance of supporting the government program in order to promote the services and infrastructure of the country to achieve what citizens aspire to, as well as discussing the outcome of the consultations of the political blocs to overcome the completion of the remainder of the ministerial formation.
For his part, the Head of the Alliance for Reform and Reconstruction called for the need to support the government to implement its development and service program, and to work in order to meet the needs and the legitimate demands of citizens.


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