During his Meeting with the US Secretary of State, the President Emphasizes the Enhancement of International and Regional Cooperation to End Extremism and Terrorism


President Barham Salih discussed with Mr. Mike Pompeo the US Secretary of State the latest developments on the political and security situation in the country and the region, at the Presidential office in Baghdad, today, Wednesday, January 9, 2019.
The President stressed the need to pursue the language of constructive dialogue among all parties to achieve security and peace, and ease tension and instability in both Arab and regional arenas, and to strengthen international and regional cooperation to end extremism and defeat terrorism once and for all.
During the meeting, the President stressed that Iraq is keen to build balanced relations with all friendly and allied countries based on respect for its sovereignty and its constants and the independence of its national decision.
President Salih referred to the depth of the relation between the two countries and the need of developing it to achieve the common interests of the two friendly peoples, and the importance for the American side to contribute to the reconstruction of Iraq, to the advancement of its economy and to the upgradation of all sectors.
His Excellency also praised the political and security support provided by the United States of America to Iraq, especially in its war against terrorism and in achieving great victory over the terrorist gangs of ISIS.
For his part, the US Secretary of State reiterated his country's keenness to establish a distinguished relation with Iraq at various levels, stressing his country's continued commitment to fight ISIS and terrorism.
Pompeo said that America considers Iraq an important and strategic partner in the political, economic and security fields, expressing his country's readiness to invest and contribute to the reconstruction of Iraq, especially in its liberated cities.


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