In an Interview with a Number of Iraqi Satellite Channels, The President: We are Drafting a Bill to Recover Funds that Went Outside the Country Due to Corruption


President Barham Salih asserted that we are currently drafting a bill to recover funds that went, due to the corruption operations, outside the country and how to collect them.
“The Presidency intends to initiate the submission of bills to parliament," the President indicated.
During a meeting with a number of Iraqi satellite channels, His Excellency said "the consultative meeting was important because for a long time the parties on their multiplicity and differences have not met at one table."
President Salih noted that the atmosphere of the meeting was dominated by "keenness and determination on the need to resolve the country's problems through an in-depth and direct conversation on the existing issues, be it in Mosul or Basra.”
The President clarified that “the Presidency is working on a draft law on the case of Camp Speicher that counts those who were murdered as martyrs and enables their families to enjoy their rights."
His Excellency indicated "Iraq is now required to play a role in the region's reunification." 
"We do not want to be part of the policy of axes. We want to distance our country from the conflicts and absurd disputes that have engulfed this region,” President Salih stressed.  
I want the Iraqis to be confident that our discourse in the Gulf, in Tehran, in Saudi Arabia, in Egypt, in France, in Italy, and with the Americans is the same rhetoric and has the same logic," the President said.
"We want Iraq to be an arena of consensus for interests among the countries and peoples of this region. We want a new regional system with Iraq be its epicenter and based on and bolstered by creating economic interdependence amongst the peoples of the region," His Excellency added.
President Salih indicated "there is a national consensus on the need for no foreign bases or combat forces," expressing his perception that "national consensus exists, but in the end depends on the Iraqi vision of security, and the position of the Iraqi government and the Commander-in-Chief for the continuation of our need for these advisers and trainers. “This is the basis for the decision and nothing else," His Excellency said. 
President Salih stressed that these forces are at the request of the Iraqi government and have played an important and commendable role in supporting the Iraqi forces in combating terrorism and in achieving victory. Their mission is to train and empower our forces as well as to improve our capabilities in the fight against terrorism, no other task."
Concerning the situation in Kirkuk city, the President clarified "we must support the people of Kirkuk’s solution for this issue. Kirkuk is the city where the Kurdish, the Turkmen, and the Arab communities are there, where there are Christians and other communities, indicating “after these long years of conflict about it, and after the problems that have hit the city, we must admit the need for respecting the views of the people of Kirkuk.” 

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