The President: The Preparation of a Firm and Strict Legislation to Stop Corruption is an Essential and Joint Action Among the Three Branches of Authorities


President Barham Salih emphasized that the preparation of a firm and strict legislation is an essential and joint action among the three branches to stop corruption, to close its channels, to combat its means and to recover the smuggled and stolen funds.
In a speech on Saturday, March 9, 2019, in the inauguration of the new legislative term of the House of Representatives, His Excellency indicated that corruption and terrorism hinder construction and development.
The President highlighted the importance of solidarity and mutual action among the authorities, notably the legislative and judicial branches.
President Salih added that "the supervisory role of the parliament must be initiated on professional basis that are free of political purpose and alike." 
His Excellency stated that all our efforts from our various positions will be wasted without a responsible and courageous action against corruption and those who are corrupted and that it must be understood that the patience of citizens will not be open.
The President explained that we have obligation on reconstruction, provision of services, and combat corruption, as well as the end the cycle of crisis that affected our country for many years, and the strengthening of national unity and the rearranging of the Iraqi house.
President Salih stressed that the victory that has been achieved against ISIS was important and precious, and that our people have the right to be proud of it, but we have to consolidate this victory and dedicate it as it is a duty upon us. The danger of terrorism remains, as we have seen days ago in the heinous attack against the Popular Mobilization, and perhaps the sincerity to the martyrs of this criminal incident is to strike hard on these remnants.

The following is the full text:
H.E. Speaker of the House of Representatives,
H.E. The Prime Minister,
Honorable the Head of the Supreme Judiciary Council 
Ladies and Gentlemen, Distinguished Members of the House
Peace, mercy and blessings of God.
I greet you all. I commend the important and vital role played by the House of Representatives, as its Speaker and its members, where we appreciate the magnitude of the tasks of this institution, which are the pillars of the constitutional system and a representative of the will of the people. 
I congratulate you on the occasion of the new legislative term, and my wishes for you for more success in the persevering the work and the sincere effort, in a way that reflects the aspirations of our people and what they want and hope for from their legislative branch of legislative and observatory achievements, especially that what is hoped from the Parliament is a lot, notably at this historic moment in Iraq, which is the moment of confrontation with serious obligations and serious challenges.
Such an obligation and challenge requires us to work on radical and serious reforms, some of which have been delayed more than they should be.
We have the entitlement of reconstruction, provision of services and combating corruption, the obligation for radical solutions and not to justify the crises and problems.
The citizen, brothers and sisters, realizes, and he is rightly so, that his security and peace in his country still requires us a lot… The victory that was achieved against ISIS was important and precious, and our people have the right to be proud of it, and cannot underestimate what have been achieved so far, but our duty is to consolidate and dedicate this victory. The danger of terrorism is still present, as we saw a few days ago in the heinous criminal attack by the remnant of ISIS against the Popular Mobilization. Perhaps the sincerity to the martyrs of this criminal incident is to strike hard on these remnants, and this requires the strengthening of security and intelligence action, and requires strengthening internal unity and increasing regional and international cooperation as long as terrorism is moving and as long as its hotbeds continues to exist in more than one country and its danger threatens everyone.
In addition to security and reassurance for peace, our citizens need a lot of basic services and needs, which makes the files in front of us a lot. 
These are challenges that you can agreewith me the magnitude of its seriousness and importance of some of them to the citizen, his daily needs, and the value of some of them in reforming the political system, the system of government, and the building the State.
 These are challenges and responsibilities whose value is doubled in the midst of these sensitive regional and international circumstances, which we are affected by negatively and positively. These are conditions that impose on us all an effort that understands and absorbs its seriousness, an effort that should lead to the strengthening of the internal front and to the enhancing of the image of a free and independent democratic Iraq, after which Iraq will be more firmly established and stronger be it in its democratic structure, its constitutional institutions and the consolidation of security and peace, or in its positive role in regional and international relations and in a way will help stability and understanding with an independent will that takes Iraq's legitimate interests first and basically and respects the legitimate interests of others, and no interests of all unless in the good understanding and coexistence as well as giving priority to the commonalities that bring together the regional parties and take into account the interests of the peoples of the region and their right to live in peace, prosperity, freedom, and dignity.
In such circumstances, ladies and gentlemen, and ahead these tasks, there must be solidarity and mutual action among the authorities, notably the legislative and executive branches.
We believe and emphasize the importance of supporting our government and overcoming all difficulties before the government headed by H.E. Adel Abdul Mahdi to play its hoped vital role, be it in building, maintaining security, launching projects or expressing confidently about Iraq's unified foreign policy. 
No doubt, the completion of the ministerial cabinet is an urgent necessity.
Another important necessity is to seriously embark on the combat against corruption.
The corruption dossier, honorable sisters and brothers, is the most serious responsibility because the war on corruption is of no less important than combating terrorism. Corruption is the other face of terrorism, but it is the ugliest face of terrorism. The total elimination of corruption will be a decisive measure in assisting in the turning of the page of terrorism and violence in the country.
Corruption is as terrorism hinders construction and development. Therefore, we believe that the preparation of firm and strict legislations to stop corruption, close its windows, combat its means and recover smuggled and stolen funds are a fundamental and common action among the three branches, the Parliament, the Government and the Judiciary.
In this context, the initiation of the supervisory role of the parliament comes on the basis of professional foundations that are free of political purpose and alike. This effort is also a necessary supportive action to be converged with the work of the government and the judiciary to combat corruption.
The government has the responsibility to limit weapons to government agencies, which are solely authorized to monopolize weapons. This task is one of the necessities of stabilizing security and reassuring citizens. This is what necessitates the support of the government's actions in this task.
What is important in this procedure, in addition to the reassurance of the citizen, is to motivate investors to work freely and with reassurance in Baghdad and the provinces.
There should be a sound investment environment to build the country, create jobs and consolidate the infrastructure.
The investment sector may need to overcome some difficulties, which requires a legislative action supporting the effort of the government. 
In this regard, you, my brothers and sisters, can do much to help move projects, encourage investors and attract them to our country, where many of what is regarded as an ideal investment environment are available there, especially as we have obligation for the reconstruction of cities devastated by terrorism, and the responsibility to create commensurate conditions for the return of the internally displaced persons and the forcibly displaced people. 
We have Basra, and what it needs from us of construction, reconstruction, and a decent life for its citizens. We believe that we must be working with exceptional enthusiasm to build this great city and make it an example of the future image of all our cities.
This provides job opportunities and helps eliminate unemployment. It also provides construction. Investment could provide a lot in this area in addition to what is required of the State to provide services and business.
Among the files before you, in the House of Representatives, is what is related to care about and secure the families of the martyrs as a humanitarian, national and moral task that we should not be hesitant on it. 
We intend in this legislative chapter to invest and benefit from the constitutional authority entrusted to the President and the Prime Minister to legislate the laws, which we utilized to present a draft law from the Presidency of the Republic to redress the families of the martyrs of Speicher martyrs. We hope and trust your good understanding and responsibility for this project to find light.
We have presented from the Presidency a draft law to redress the families of the martyrs of Camp Speicher. We hope and trust your good understanding and your responsible handling of this draft to find the light.
And all of us in the legislative and executive branches have a sensitive file, which is the dossier of the city of Kirkuk, and perhaps a city like Kirkuk requires us to work worthy by standing on it with a high sense of national responsibility.
Kirkuk can be an experience of good understanding and coexistence instead of being a place for conflict, and this is related to how we deal with it and with the visions of its components and its people.
These are some of the responsibilities that the people are awaiting from you to perform an extraordinary work to promote it. It will be in the forefront of the requirements of the success of this work to deal with it in a spirit of responsibility and solidarity taking into account the common national interest and mitigating the partisan and political conflicts, and distancing in what serves the interests of the people and the country from those conflicts and means.
The major national transformations and entitlements require having a spirit of responsibility and distancing from narrow partisan political debates.
The Parliament, as Speaker and Members, are able to move forward with a peaceful and meaningful debate, which is our way forward to progress.
I appreciate that you have a lot to do, which requires great work. We count on you in what we expect of you to be keen on this country and insist on moving it towards the shore of safety, stability and prosperity.
May God help us all to be at the level of this task.
Iraq deserves this from. Our patience people deserve this.
Let us work sisters and brothers to rise together with our constitutional duties and serve our country.
Peace be upon you.


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