The President: Religious and Ethnic Diversity is an Element of Strength that We must Protect and Uphold


President Barham Salih emphasized the importance of dedicating coexistence and showing respect for the inherent diversity in the Iraqi society for this is the guarantor to addressing the Takfir and extremism.
His Excellency received Patriarch Gorgis III, at the Presidential Office in Baghdad, Sunday, March 10, 2019. 
The President stressed the importance of peaceful coexistence among all sects and religions to enhance the national cohesion.
His Excellency indicated that the Takfiris by their criminal deviant demeanor did not express a particular sect or religion, but they have targeted all components and religions.
The President noted that the religious and ethnic diversity in Iraq is an element of strength and we have to enrich this diversity, protect, and adhere to it. 
President Salih explained that the Christians have been subjected, like other components, to persecution and forcible displacement by the terrorist organization of ISIS.
His Excellency stressed on the necessity of repatriating the Christians to their areas and homes and providing them with a commensurate environment. 
President Barham Salih called on the Christian clergymen to play their vital role in stressing the importance of the return of our people from this component to their country where they have lived in for thousands of years.
For his part, the Patriarch lauded His Excellency's efforts in disseminating the concepts of peaceful coexistence and unified ranks. 
He confirmed the insistence of the Christian component to uphold their Iraqi identity.


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