The President: Religious Harmony Reflects Peaceful Coexistence Among the Components of the Society


President Barham Salih emphasized that harmony as well as religious and ethnic diversity reflect the peaceful coexistence among the components of Iraqi society. 
His Excellency received the Council of Heads of Christian Denominations and a number of members of the House of Representatives from the Christian community, at the Presidential Office in Baghdad, Tuesday, March 12, 2019.
The President noted that cohesion among the components and the people of religions and ethnicities in Iraq has achieved great victory over the terrorist gangs.
His Excellency indicated that society should be built on sound foundations based on values of tolerance, justice, reform and equality.
President Salih touched on the suffering of the internally displaced persons and refugees from Christians as well as from the rest of the Iraqi components, indicating that we have great responsibilities and challenges to redress these important segments, and we feel no comfort without securing and facilitating their return to their areas and homes they have been forcibly displaced from at the hands of the terrorists and compensating those affected.
The President highlighted the need to address the deviant Takfiri thought, promoted by the terrorist gangs, through unity of the Iraqis, their belief in living together, and show respect for the rights and beliefs of others.
His Excellency stressed the importance of constant communication and raising the problems and obstacles faced by Christians and the practical points they need to work on overcoming them.
For their part, members of the delegation appreciated the President’s role in ensuring national unity among the various spectra of the society. 
They reviewed the problems and obstacles facing them, and thanked the President’s efforts in supporting the various components and in demanding their rights.


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