President Salih Receives the Executive Director of the International Energy Agency


President Barham Salih received Mr. Fatih Birol, the Executive Director of the International Energy Agency, at the Presidential Office in Baghdad, Wednesday, April 24, 2019.
His Excellency emphasized the importance of developing cooperation between Iraq and the International Organization in the areas of energy, its uses in the development programs, and for the improvement of the electrical system in the country as well as its better management to address the obstacles that lead to its loss.
President Salih asserted Iraq’s dire need for upgrading the country’s innovators and scientists’ capabilities and enrolling them in training courses and fellowships to benefit from the Agency's expertise in order to strengthen their capacities to serve the country and people. 
For his part, Mr. Birol gave an expanded review of the activities of International Energy Agency and the programs it implements worldwide in the fields of energy. 
He expressed the Agency’s readiness to improve the energy sectors in Iraq, notably the electricity one, and emphasized the possibility of utilizing the available solar energy to be used in electricity production and that if it is properly exploited, it will make Iraq an exporting country of energy. 


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