While Discussing a Bill on Anti Domestic Violence, the President: It is Time to Support and Redress the Iraqi Women


President Barham Salih emphasized that we are meeting today to lay a new brick on the road to building Iraq that is free from domestic violence, abuse, and oppression.
A workshop to discuss the Draft Law on Anti Domestic Violence was held at the Presidential Office in Baghdad on Sunday, May 5, 2019. 
The First Lady Dr. Serbag Salih, the representative of UN Secretary-General in Iraq, Ms. Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert, and the second deputy Speaker of the Council of Representatives, Dr. Bashir Haddad were present there.  
In a speech at the workshop, the President said “Iraq, throughout its contemporary history, has suffered from the issue of human rights violations where the women's share of oppression has been the greatest. The perception towards women has not been appropriate with their status as they suffered discrimination at work and exclusion from high positions”.
His Excellency added, we believe that redressing the Iraqi women has come very late and it is time to support, redress, and compensate women for the darkness of previous periods. 
Dr. Barham Salih stressed that the start line before the launch is to stop and counteract domestic and social violence.
The President indicated that after 2003, Iraq has launched a wide legislative campaign to correct the entire legislative trajectory after the country has inherited a backward system that is consistent with the mentality of coup regimes, which had ruled Iraq for almost half a century. 
His Excellency explained that this task is not an easy to be done but is possible under an elected parliament that expresses the views and aspirations of the people.
The President emphasized that the Presidency has committed itself to contribute to this legislative effort, and has initiated the effort to implement a draft law on the Victims of Camp Speicher as well as the Female Yazidi Survivors Bill and then we are putting today the finishing touches to the draft law on Protection of Women Against Domestic Violence, after holding several sessions at the Assalam Palace with the participation of Members of the Council of Representatives and the United Nations which has shown interest in this matter.
His Excellency added, "we look forward to the day when Iraqi women are redressed and placed in the position they deserve after they have suffered, struggled, and made a lot of sacrifices, and we will support every effort to redress the Iraqi women in order to be in the forefront of those who  command the ship of building Iraq.
For his part, Dr. Bashir Haddad spoke about the importance of the role of laws in stabilizing the status of civilized societies that seek to ensure the protection of individuals and achieve a state of permanent stability as well as to organize and meet the needs of society for the factors of public benefit within the frame of balance and equality materially and morally among the segments of the society.
Dr. Haddad added that the draft law has sparked debate in the political, media and cultural sphere, and has become the talk of the general public, even the simple ones, oscillating between the dialectic and the right to approve it. 
He considered it as a healthy state and a realistic expression of freedom of opinion in a democratic atmosphere.
He wished the workshop and its sponsors success to come up with practical recommendations and decisions that benefit society in general.
For her part, Ms. Plasschaert commended the Government’s efforts in its ongoing consultations aimed at strengthening the views of partners in the legislation of the law on anti domestic violence
She added, "We encourage the law, which is consistent with international human rights standards and with the Iraqi Constitution, which prohibits all forms of violence and abuse within the family."
The British Ambassador Jon Wilks asserted that the legislation of the law has become an urgent need to complete the legislative system to be in line with the reformist tendencies of the apparatus of the Iraqi Government, stressing that the EU countries are ready to provide any support for success in legislating this law. 
The workshop also witnessed extensive participation and interventions by a number of the Presidency’s advisers and specialists in this regard, which have contributed to enriching the views and opinions that support the efforts to pass the draft law on domestic violence.
Heads and members of diplomatic missions in Baghdad and a number of specialists as well as those interested in the field of human rights attended the workshop.


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