President Salih Receives Ambassadors of Britain, Germany, and France to Iraq


President Barham Salih received the ambassadors of Britain, Germany, and France to Baghdad, at the Presidential Office in Baghdad on Sunday, May 12, 2019.
His Excellency asserted Iraq's keenness to establish balanced relations of cooperation with its neighbors, brothers and friends, including the United States and Iran, in a way that enhances security, stability, and economic prosperity in the region and the world. 
The President articulated that our dialogues with neighboring, Arab, and regional countries as well as the European countries were in this direction.
President Salih stressed on the importance of adopting a keen and constructive dialogue to resolve all problems and to give priority to commonalities over differences and to distance from the policy of axes.
For their part, the ambassadors of the three European countries highlighted their satisfaction with the development of relations with Iraq as well as their countries’ pursuit to consolidated and increased cooperation. 
They commended Iraq’s balanced foreign policy and the role the country is playing in its Arab and regional surrounding. 
They also renewed their countries' desire to contribute to the reconstruction of Iraq, and that the European companies, which are looking forwards to working in the country, seize investment opportunities there.
The ambassadors of the three European countries also indicated that the views of the two sides are identical on the existing crisis in the region and the importance of defusing it.
During the meeting, they reviewed the development of relations between Iraq and the European Union countries, as well as means for continued cooperation in all fields. 
They also conferred about the latest developments in the region in light of the current tension between the United States and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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