The President Performs the Rituals of Ziyarat of Imams Al-Kadhim and Al-Jawad Shrine, Meets with Ayatollah al-Faqih al-Sadr


President Barham Salih performed the rituals of Ziyarat of Imams Musa bin Jaafar Al-Kadhim and Mohammad al-Jawad Shrine (Peace be upon them), Tuesday evening, May 21, 2019. 
During the visit, President Salih met with His Eminence Ayatollah Sayyid al-Faqih Hussain Ismail al-Sadr. 
They exchanged talk about strengthening ties of brotherhood and equality among the components and spectra of the Iraqi people, and highlighted the need for joint action between religious and governmental institutions in order to consolidate unity among Iraqis and counteract the misleading takfiri thought. 
The President lauded the noble positions of His Eminence Ayatollah al-Sadr’s and his role in consolidating cohesion and strengthening the bonds of social fabric.
For his part, Ayatollah al-Sadr welcomed President Salih’s visit to the city of Kadhimiya, and valued His Excellency’s efforts to promote national unity among Iraqis as well as the President’s interest in providing the best services to citizens.
In the same context, President Barham Salih met with a number of scholars, dignitaries and the guardians of the shrine of the holy Kadhimiya, and reviewed the stages of the development and expansion of the two holy shrines as well as the type of services they provideto visitors. 


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