The Three Presidencies’ Meeting Asserts the Necessity for Completing the Cabinet Formation, Unifying the Official External Discourse


On Sunday, June 9, 2019, the three Presidencies held a meeting at Assalam Palace in Baghdad.
President Barham Salih, Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, and Speaker Mohamed al-Halbousi attended the meeting.
The meeting deliberated about the political, economic, security and legislative situations in the country as well as the issue of completing the formation of the ministerial cabinet and discussed what has been implemented so far of the government program and the importance of achieving it in order to fulfil the citizens’ aspirations. 
The meeting also conferred about the situation in Kirkuk and Diyala and emphasized the need for concerted efforts in order that the two provinces enjoy security and stability, through adopting constructive dialogue, promoting the spirit of peaceful coexistence among their communities, and involving everyone in running the two provinces.
Concerning the foreign policy, the meeting agreed on the need for coordination among the three Presidencies in order to unify the official discourse and adopt the moderate trajectory in Iraq's relations.
The meeting reviewed the latest political developments at the regional and international levels, and conferred about how to spare the country and the region the crises and conflicts. 
The meeting also touched upon Iraq's participation in both Arab and Islamic summits that had been held in Mecca, and Iraq's stance on the current crisis, and highlighted that it represented the position of the Iraqi State, conveyed the country’s supreme interests, and expressed an Iraqi consensus on foreign policy.


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