First Lady identifies 4 Priorities to improve Agricultural and Water Management in a Panel organized by EU Mission


First Lady, Dr. Sarbag Salih stressed that Iraq faces many threats at Agricultural, Water management and Environment Preservation, indicating that our cultivated lands are declining by 100,000 dounm annually which previously were 4 m ho. 
First Lady, via her speech in a panel which was organized by E U Mission in Iraq, on Sunday's evening, June 16, 2019, entitled (to preserve the Environment, the Agriculture, Water Management and the Interrelated challenges) said that the effects of climate changes, population growth, shorting in Irrigation water, desertification, increasing of soil salinity coupled with political instability are factors gathered to increase the challenges that we are facing for preserving environment. 
Dr. Sarbag Salih pointed out that the country rapidly needs to upgrade its agricultural practices, including the use of new technologies, enhancing efficiency of irrigation system, harvesting, post-harvest processing, trade facilitation as well as marketing systems and the provision of germplasm.
First Lady, Dr. Sarbag Salih identified 4 priorities to preserve environment, revive agriculture, concerning the embarking of new initiatives leading by the government to manage better water resources as well as participating of non-governmental organizations via public awareness companies to educate Iraqis on water preservation and demonstrate to farmers the benefits of drip Irrigations. The second priority called on increasing date palm production through encouraging the production of palm tree and cultivating palms' varieties that growth well in Iraq, stating that, in 1970s, Iraq boasted over 30 M trees; today we have less than 15 M. The third priority ensured the importance of protecting of key areas rich in biodiversity in the compliance with Iraq's obligations under the CITES agreement as she stressed that, there is a need to enact binding laws and instructions to protect these areas. The fourth priority referred to improve the solid waste disposal, its decomposition of organic waste and the collection of methane gas that can be used to generate electricity. 
Dr. Sarbag Salih called upon European States to help Iraq at the field of Water Management through contributing to provide appropriate methods as well as training Iraqi Cadres, particularly in the field of strengthening of the links between Iraq and the States of the region on Water Management.
The Panel was moderated by European Union's Ambassador to Iraq Mr. Roman Belcu and his Deputy UN Special Envoy Mr. Marta Ruidas. German Ambassador to Baghdad and Under –Secretary of the Minister of Agriculture and a number of competent officers and experts at the field of improving Water and Agriculture management attended the panel.
On other part, First Lady, Dr. Sarbag Salih attended a celebration was held by EU Mission on Europe Day, and in her speech she emphasized the depth of the relations between Iraq and the Union, commending European Union's initiative on the project of (Discussion)which is for Youth, expressing the unity of Iraqi social fabric as she stressed on adopting of action plan to implement UN Resolution 1325 on the Rights of Women and His Excellency President of the Republic Dr. Barham Salih's initiative to held a Panel on combating violence against FamilyA.

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