President of the Republic Meets with Lord Speaker of the British House of Lords


H.E. President of the Republic Dr. Barham Salih met with the Lord Speaker of the British House of Lords Peter Norman Fowler while he was paying a visit to the House of Lords of the United Kingdom, in London, on Wednesday's today, June 26, 2019. 
His Excellency the President commended UK's role and its supporting stances for the government and the people of Iraq in addressing terrorism as well as its contributing in building Iraq's cities, chiefly the liberated areas.
During the meeting, the bilateral relations between Iraq and UK, the ways to enhance these relations and broadening the scope of the collaboration and coordination among legislative institutions guaranteeing the development of the oversight and parliamentary work in the country were reviewed.
For his part, Mr. Fowler welcomed His Excellency the President's visit to London and its contributing to boost the bonds of the relationship between the two countries, stressing his earnest desire to consolidate the joint action and coordination between the House of Lords of the United Kingdom and the Council of Representatives of Iraq.
A lunched hosted by the Baroness Emma Nicholson in honor of His Excellency the President and the delegation accompanying him. After finishing the lunched, His Excellency President held a meeting with Iraq Support Group headed by Ann Clwyd. The meeting dealt with the situations in Iraq and the region. Number of the members of the House of the Common and of the Lords attended the meeting.