President of the Republic Receives Head of Iraqi High Commission for Hajj and Umrah


H.E. President of the Republic Dr. Barham Salih received the Head of the Iraqi High Commission for Hajj and Umrah Khaled Al-Attiyah, at the Presidential Office in Baghdad, on Monday's today, July 1, 2019. 
His Excellency the President emphasized the importance of providing the best services for Iraqi pilgrims during the Hajj season and for those who make the Umrah in the Holy Land to achieve their comfort and reflect the bright face of a unified Iraq, stressing that serving Iraqis is a sacred and national task either inside or outside the country, and our duty to search for all ways that contribute in performing the rituals of Hajj and Umrah as well. 
For his part, Al-Attiyah reviewed the tasks carried out by the Hajj and Umrah's commission and its readiness for the next Hajj season and its efforts to raise the numbers of Iraqi pilgrims and create a suitable atmosphere for those who are   performing their rituals.


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