President Supports Launch of Exhibition Featuring Work of Religious Scholar Hussein Al-Sadr


President Salih’s speech today, delivered by the head of the President’s Consultative Body Dr. Ali Al-Shukri, praised the opening of a new exhibit featuring the Encyclopedia of Iraq by religious scholar Hussein Mohammed Hadi Al-Sadr. 
President Salih’s speech noted that history always appreciates those writers, thinkers and citizens who contemplate the challenging issues of their time. By doing so, they raise up humanity by advancing towards the values of progress, goodness, righteousness and justice. 
Jabir al-Jabri, the Deputy Minister of Culture, praised the efforts made by President Salih in supporting art and literature, and noted that the President's term in office began with a visit to Mutanabi Street. There, he inspected the bookstores and inquired about the scholars working on the next big ideas, a welcome sign to Iraqi intellectuals.  
Sayyed Hussein Mohammed Hadi al-Sadr, who wrote the new Encyclopedia of Iraq, thanked the President for his strong interest in cultural activities. “Iraq is headed by a man who respects science and culture and is keen to advance them," he said. 
The opening ceremony was attended by Minister of Culture Mr. Abdulameer Al-Hamdani, other government officials, writers, and prominent citizens involved with Iraqi literature. All noted the President’s consistent support for artistic and literary endeavors across the country and appreciated his concern for all creators across all fields.

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