President Markes the Fifth Anniversary of the Genocidal ISIS Campaign against the Yazidi People, Lays Out Agenda for Progress


Today, President Salih marked the fifth anniversary of the genocidal ISIS campaign against the Yazidi people. He mourned the victims of this violent and extremist ideology, and laid out the steps being taken to support the community in this difficult time.
The Female Yazidi Survivors Bill, which is currently with the Council of Representatives for ratification after submission by the President’s Office, would guarantee Yazidi female survivors certain rights as well as compensation to assist in their community’s recovery.
The President noted the powerful role the international community could play in intensifying efforts to discover the fates of those Yazidis still missing, as well as in assisting Iraq in holding perpetrators accountable for war crimes and crimes against humanity in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 2379.
Resolution 2379 calls for an Investigative Team to support domestic Iraqi efforts in holding ISIS accountable for its crimes.
Full Text of the President’s Statement:
Today is the fifth anniversary of the massacre committed by the terrorist criminals of ISIS against the Yazidi people. It is one of the worst crimes in the history of humanity, where our people from the Yazidi faith were subjected to murder, mass kidnapping, female enslavement, being sold into slavery, and forcible displacement.
Today, we remember this sad and painful page in our history. This massacre, that shook all consciences around the world, was a terrible crime. It showed the criminal and takfiri ideology of this organization and its doctrine in shedding more blood and striking horror and fear into the hearts of innocent civilians.
We are waiting for members of the Council of Representatives to expedite the ratification of the Female Yazidi Survivors Bill, which was sent to Parliament on March 28, 2019.
The humanitarian impulse as well as national duty invites us to work harder to discover the fate of the nearly three thousand Yazidis who are still kidnapped by ISIS, and the need for immediate action to liberate them and restore happiness to their families by their safe return.
We also call upon the international community to hold the ISIS gangs accountable for crimes they have committed in Iraq, notably those amounting to war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide, in accordance with Security Council Resolution 2379. We ask all countries to work together to guarantee that such massacres never occur again.
With pride, we pay tribute to the great sacrifices made by our Yazidi people in the war against terrorist organizations, as well the Yazidis’ courage in standing tall despite the cruelty of these heinous crimes.
May mercy and immortality be on our righteous Yazidi martyrs, as well as the martyrs of the Anfal crimes.

Dr. Barham Salih
President of the Republic

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