Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights Presents Overview of Activities, Progress to President


The President today affirmed that a nation’s citizens are the real wealth of any country, and that progress and development depends on their ability to exercise their rights and freedoms without hindrance. 

Meeting with Dr. Aqeel Al-Moussawai, the Head of the Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights (IHCHR), and his accompanying delegation, at the Presidential Offices today, President Salih noted the need to follow up on various Iraqi legislation and ensure alignment with the charters and agreements ratified by Iraq concerning human rights and freedoms. 

The President reaffirmed the importance the IHCHR process, noting the importance of ensuring strong mechanisms are in place to ensure complaints, large and small, are attended to properly. 

President Salih noted that it is a government’s duty to safeguard all the civil rights of all of its citizens. In Iraq, these rights and freedoms are secured through the Constitution. The government also has an important responsibility in ensuring an environment conducive to the practice and use of these freedoms and rights. 

The visiting IHCHR delegation presented an overview of their activities and future objectives, highlighting tangible progress made in ensuring the principles of human rights protect all Iraqis without discrimination.


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