Leadership Stresses Commitment to National Unity, Declares Next Steps


At the invitation of the President, national leaders met today in Baghdad to discuss the political and security situation across Iraq and the region. In addition to President Salih, Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi and the Speaker of Parliament Mohammed al-Halbouosi also attended the meeting.  
The attendees were briefed by the Prime Minister and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces regarding the recent bombing of weapons and ammunitions depots.
All meeting participants emphasized the importance of continuing various governmental programs and responses to these events, and condemned this flagrant and aggressive violation of Iraqi sovereignty. 

All the sides condemned this sinful aggression and the flagrant violation of Iraq's sovereignty, and considered the attack on Brigade 45 of the PMF in Qaim in Anbar Province an assault on Iraq's sovereignty.

The discussion at the meeting also stressed the importance of the government’s responsibility to protect national sovereignty and further strengthen defense capabilities. The importance of national unity during this time between different political parties was highlighted as well. All participants committed towards working to a safe, secure and sovereign Iraq. 
This sensitive regional and international moment in history requires enhancing the unity of all Iraqis. With regards to terrorism, it was decided that it is crucial not to allow division and diversion to attenuate great gains made against terrorist forces. 
 The participants declared the following:
1.  They respect the Constitution and all constitutional institutions, adhere to it in all circumstances, and respect the rule of law. Any encroachment on national interests or breaches of these laws will be handled according to policies of the Iraqi state. 
2.   They are committed to the Unified National Policy, agreed at during the meeting of the leadership, which reaffirms principles of neutrality, and rejects the idea that that Iraq will be a battleground or starting point of hostile actions against any neighbor.
3.  They support and deeply appreciate the heroic role of Iraqi armed forces and its various formations, the tireless work of the security and intelligence services in pursuing and chasing the remnants of ISIS, and emphasized the continuation of this important work to prevent ISIS from regaining any opportunity to rise or return. 
4.  They respect and are humbled by the honorable sacrifices of the Popular Mobilization Forces. They note the role played by the Popular Mobilization Forces as an effective part of the National Defense System. The Diwaniyyah Order must be adhered to, and the management of weapons depots must be handled under the umbrella of the defense system. 
5.   They will take appropriate precautionary measures to deal with future potential emergencies and mitigate consequences.       
6.  They will follow-up with new agreements with the international coalition to help them fulfill their obligations towards the sovereignty, independence, security and safety of Iraq.


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