First Lady Receives Exemplary Farmer, Emphasizes Applying Modern Farming Methods to Agricultural Sector


First Lady Dr. Serbag Salih received Mr. Azad Mohammed, a model farmer, today in Sulaymaniyah. 
During the meeting, the First Lady emphasized the need to follow scientific methods and approaches in the agricultural sector that would benefit land reclamation and land investment, as well as increase production. These approaches would also boost financial returns on crops, improve the living status of citizens involved in agriculture, and boost Iraqi agriculture in general across the country.  
First Lady Salih noted Mr. Azad Mohammed’s consistently excellent work over the last 35 years, praising his successful experiments in the genetic modification of crop genes as well as his overall contributions to the agricultural sector. 
Mr. Azad Mohammed’s experience in this area should be studied and widely circulated to other farmers who are interested in improving agricultural outcomes, she said. 
The First Lady also visited Mr. Azad Mohammed’s farm in Sulaymaniyah, where she was briefed on his various approaches to farming and on what methods could be adopted across Iraq at scale.

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