Addressing Council on Foreign Relations, President Presents a New Economic Vision for the Region


Meeting with analysts, experts and researchers on Iraqi affairs at the Council on Foreign Relations today, President Salih delivered a series of remarks designed to illuminate Iraq’s current successes and place them in the context of challenges in the nation and in the region. 
The President characterized Iraq in 2019 as a nation undergoing a through transition - one away from terrorism and towards economic development. The goals now involve building bridges of cooperation in the region and around the world, he said. 
The victory against ISIS, the President noted, was a glorious and hard-fought victory but is fragile. The Iraqi people want to capitalize on this momentous development and preserve gains made across Iraqi society, and noted that additional support from the international community would be welcome in this regard. This would, of course, enhance security beyond just Iraq - the region and the world more broadly would benefit enormously from a stable nation in the heart of the Middle East.

Economic integration reduces the chances of terrorsim from coming back, and building economic relations which is a better solution to build political relations serving people, achieving national interests as well as establishing stability and security in the region and globe, President noted.

His Excellency expressed his hope that in the near future, Iraq would be a point of cooperation and inclusion, rather than division, for all regional and international states. A new regional economic order, defined by trade and exchange, would help launch this process, and Iraq will make every effort to help launch such an order, the President said.


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