President Receives Ministers of Defense and Interior


President Salih received today at the President Office Minister of Defense Najah al-Shamiry and Minister of Interior Yassin al-Yassiry. 

During the meeting, they reviewed security situations under the circumstances of protestations that are going on in Baghdad and in a number of Iraqi Governorates. 

In this respect, the President asserted the role played by our security services in protecting citizens and public property, emphasized his keenness that people have a right to demonstrate peacefully. He underlined the need that everyone should be adhered to the orders issued by the general command which aim to preventing the use of live ammunition and the excessive violence, indicating that those who exploit the peaceful demonstrations and sow the seeds of seditions to harm the protesters and the members of security forces should be brought to the court. 

The President called upon all security forces  to exercise restraint during their national professional  mission which aims to protect protestors. 

His Excellency highlighted that our armed forces in addition to its all formations protected the country and the people at the most dangerous situations against terrorism are able to protect our citizens and their peaceful democratic exercise under prevailing of peace. 


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