President, Meeting with Governors of Iraqi Southern and Central Governorates, Emphasizes Maintaining Public Security Protecting the Demonstrators, Rapid Response to their Legitimate Demands


President Barham Salih asserted the need to calm the situation in various Iraqi Governorates through restraint in ways that maintain security and stability there.
Meeting with a number of Governors of Iraqi Governorates today at the Presidential Office in Baghdad, His Excellency stressed that it is essential to protect the peaceful demonstrators, protect public security, prevent more blood shedding, and address any attack on security forces and public properties.
The President noted that it is imperative to open an urgent investigation on the attacks that occurred during the demonstrations.
President Salih called on implementing citizens' demands by providing job opportunities for unemployed youth to eliminate unemployment, meeting the legitimate needs of dignified life, preparing housing projects, improving the service reality in all Iraqi Governorates, addressing resolutely the financial and administrative corruption and referring the corrupt to justice.
His Excellency listened to a detailed review by Governors of the Iraqi Southern and Central Governorates as well as Governors of Iraqi Central Euphrates, Kirkuk and Nineveh, on the conditions that impede projects completion as well efforts required to implement the desired reforms.


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