President, Welcoming Number of Traditional Leaders, to Sponsor National Conference to Reconsider Constitution


President Salih confirmed that a national conference will be held under his auspices to reconsider the constitution and its provisions, stressing that there is a genuine legal problem with the Electoral Law that requires finding appropriate solutions for it.

Meeting with a number of traditional, clan leaders of the central and southern Iraq, at the Presidential Office in Baghdad today, His Excellency President Salih said that the right of demonstration, maintenance of civil peace, keeping protesters safe, protection public and private property are    guaranteed by Iraqi Constitution. Therefore, offenders who shot the demonstrators must be brought to stand trial and being sentenced by State courts as a result of their crimes.

The President referred to the importance of having a substantive and meaningful reform of building the nation and its institutions, asserted that the existing corruption is the basis of the scourge and it doesn't come from a vacuum, but it comes from violence, terrorism, war and embargo.

President Salih clarified that the country seems to be reluctant and slow to act, even under normal circumstances, indicated that the first issue we should carry out is to investigate into murdering of demonstrators, security forces, and the second issue is to reform the governmental system in Iraq because it is counterproductive.   

The President added that we still have a great challenge ahead of us representing by unspeakable events such as friction, resentment furthermore the pain of Iraqis hearts, so we have to take this crisis and the blood shedding of the innocents as a motivation that has prompted us toward the reform. He emphasized that our duty is to call for exercising restraint and remain calm, however we are determined to make the reforms and not to overlook these problems which Iraqis demonstrate for.   

Clan elders, in their turn, reviewed their areas' problems and their Governorates' demands, the importance of upgrading infrastructure and creating investment opportunities, which would contribute to ensure jobs for their youths and eliminate of unemployment, as well as achieving equality and social justice.


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