Draft Electoral Law being a Fundamental Pillar of Political and Economic Reform in the Country, President Emphasizes


Attending a Panel discussion which has been held today at the Presidential Office in Baghdad to deliberate the Draft Electoral Law, President Salih noted that a specified time frame should be set to complete the Bill because it is popular, political and genuine demand.

 Furthermore, there is a need to coordinate with the United Nations on the substantive side as well as taking advantage of experience and expertise in order to prevent fraud and ballot tampering on the elections in the manners that pursuant to sovereignty of our State and our national decision. If we come with a Law which represents and meets people's aspirations, the country's conditions will be good, the President indicated.     

His Excellency the President stressed the importance of the Draft Law to include fair representation of the Iraqis components and to give them importance in the interests of their legitimate aspirations. The formation of the Independent Electoral Commission must be free from politicization, he noted.

During the meeting, which was attended by representatives of the United Nations, universities, trade unions, professional associations, as well as a number of specialists, all meeting participants had held extensive discussions to enrich the draft law with ideas aimed at reaching to final version the Draft in particular with respect to the electoral districts and the formation of the Independent Electoral Commission so as to realize people's aspirations in a free and fair elections.


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