During the Meeting at al-Salam Palace, Firm Stance on Refusing to Use any Excessive Force to Quell the Peaceful Demonstrations, Being Stressed


President Salih hosted a meeting held at the al-Salam Palace in Baghdad today morning.  In addition to the President, Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi, Speaker of Parliament Mohammed al-Halbouosi, and Head of the Supreme Judicial Council, Judge Fa'iq Zidan attended the meeting. 

In the meeting, different political and security developments were discussed in the midst of the large demonstrations going through Baghdad and number of Iraq's governorates. The meeting confirmed that these peaceful popular protests are a legitimate reform movement that is necessary in response to the national public opinion and to the requirements of the political and service life that the dear Iraqis deserve after decades of tyranny, wars, violence and corruption. 

The popular protest by Iraq's young people, who are looking for a free and dignified life with a peaceful national will that respects legal and constitutional contexts and values and maintains the country's interests, is a great protest in the process of rebuilding the country, cleaning up its institutions from corruption and upgrading its structure to what Iraq deserves. 

The participants confirmed their unwavering stances of abstention and rejection of any security solution for peaceful demonstration, and of severe accountability for any confrontation that depends on excessive violence. They referred in this regard to the orders and directions of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces to prevent the use of live bullets and all forms of violence depend on cruelty and exaggeration. 

Those in the meeting deliberated with great interest the abductions carried out against activists by outlawed groups as well as the crimes of aggression committed against the demonstrators which are being investigated. Offenders will be brought to stand trial. They asserted that all arrested protestors will be released.     

All those found guilty of criminal offenses and any party who has been found guilty will be brought to justice fairly. Those who are outside the law or who attack, abduct or detain anyone will be pursued rigorously by the Law. Once again, they asserted that arms must be monopolized by the state, which will inevitably be achieved.

Furthermore, the peaceful and democratic nature of the demonstrations must be observed, in a way that preserves public security and property and prevents the turn out the peaceful demonstration from its path. 

All agreed and emphasized what is more important to praise all sacrifices, to martyrs and wounded people who are heroes of peaceful demonstrations and to the security forces. Those their blood lit the way and opened the horizon toward the future. They confirmed that every drop of innocent blood being shed will not be wasted as well as the justice will not be stopped until those committed crimes being brought to stand trial. 

This is the responsibility of the governmental and legal authorities. This is our responsibility as the government and the people. We have to spare no efforts, have to continue to arrest the murderers and those who cause death and bloodshed. Our responsibility to secure the rights of the families of the martyrs, and to ensure that the wounded are treated with the best available abilities.

Together, they stressed and send a message to the Iraq's Youths. We have no choice except to achieving the triumph. Together, your country, your people and we could realize the victory by you while we are engaged in a determined effort to ensure that your protests are a vital occasion to embark drastic steps towards reform process that must be successful and with tangible results to combat corruption, the scourge of the greatest devastation after terrorism and violence. In the same vein, the political process must be amended at various legislative and executive levels, so as to ensure the powers and institutions that are truly capable of serving the people, advancing and promoting the country. 

O Youth people of Iraq, by you we could overcome difficulties, with your will and courage, and we are going through the transition to a free, well-being and advanced state. A nation in which their people aspire and dream as well as the elected officials are working on serving people and realizing their aspiration and using their utmost endeavors for this end. 

Those in attendance agreed upon the following points:

1.Indeed, Executive and Judicial Powers have already commenced legal action to open investigative files on corruption and to pursue accused officials with a view to achieving justice and restoring the deprived rights. These files will be remaining opened. No one however, he holds a post or have a big responsibility will be safe from the punishment if the trial found him guilty. There is no politicization and nepotism in dealing with the files, investigations and the trials. The national interest, the rights of the people and the application of the law are the most decisive in everything. Legal procedures were initiated by the judiciary Power against those who caused the martyrdom and injury of a number of demonstrators, security forces and those who attacked public property. Some of them were arrested. A warrant has been issued for arrest others. The files are continuing to be investigated. 
2.Work has also been initiated to legislate a new Electoral Law that would ensure fairness in electoral competition, help to reach qualified candidates under the vision and convictions of voters, reduce the opportunities which had been monopolized by political parties therefore these led Officials to be in post for a long time without giving a chance for other people who have never been a membership of any party. As consequences new candidates from outside party will be prevented to take part in political life. The new Electoral Law helps to promote youth opportunities to stand for elections to Parliament and contribute to the policy of their country. It will bring about an effective, professional and efficient High Electoral Commission in all its sections and cadres. 
3.The demonstrators have helped to bring legitimate pressure to bear on political forces and parties, the government, legislative, executive as well as the judicial powers, to be agree to correct the process of political trajectory, to accept positive changes, notably regarding cabinet reshuffle on the basis of merit and ability in order to reduce the harmful effects of the quota in its various forms.  Furthermore, to correct the trajectory of the state to put it in the proper natural context as it serves, pays attention to the people and preserves their interests. Interests of the parties and the strong people in the authorities should be not taken as priorities. The participants see that the demonstrations with their peaceful and clear image are among the most important means of monitoring and pressuring the government to realize these ends, to secure the required reforms and to reach the desired targets.
4.We have already begun to set the platform for the national dialog to review the system of government and to overhaul of the constitution pursuit to the constitutional and legal frameworks. 

Attendants also emphasized its appreciation and respect for the determination of young people most of whom were at the height of their aspirations for life and their dignity. Those their popular movement has shaken the country as a whole and presented the great image of this great people. It is the most important movement since 2003. It causes in a comprehensive review not only of institutions-building but also of policies building, development plans and change of laws that place the country and people at the heart of contemporary life of the most advanced countries. It is a new movement of the will to change for greater reforms that can be achieved with such determination and tenor. 

The free peaceful demonstrators have managed to maintain their peaceful protests. Their national will was greater than those of the bad ones who sought to distort the peaceful nature of the national protest movement, and those who wanted this noble country to be bad, evil as well as slipping back into what God has saved us.  

Those in attendance, paid tribute to the pre-eminent role played by al-Marjaiya ( Ayatollah Ali Sistani)  as he defends the right to object and to protest peacefully and advises and stresses on making reforms. Al-Marjaiya also said that Iraq's security and peace must be taken into account in these very sensitive regional circumstances.

Together, we could make life better.
We have to promote Iraqis' triumphs from the fields of wars against terrorism as well as from the demonstrations' squares to the workplace and building. 
God save Iraq.


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