President Meets with Head of Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights(IHCHR)


President Salih stressed that IHCHR needs to support efforts to reduce issues of violations and breaches which citizens are exposed to.
While receiving the Head of Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights(IHCHR), Aqeel Jassim al-Musawi alongside his delegation today at the Presidential Palace in Baghdad, the President emphasized the need to work in line with professional and humanitarian duty and international standards. The importance of following up the issues of injured, martyrs and detainees as well as telling the truth to the concerned authorities, he highlighted. 
 The Commission's head, Aqeel al-Musawi, in turn, stated that our monitoring teams are existing in the demonstrations squares, and are documenting the events during demonstrations. Furthermore, they are staying in touch with Iraqi government to convey the developments within the national frameworks which will further uphold human rights in the country.


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