President Receives King of Jordan's Phone Call


President Salih got today a phone call from King Abdullah II bin al-Hussein, King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, during which the King wished Iraq would have all the stability, peace and progress so as to realize Iraqis' interests, ensure the welfare of their people in addition to stop their bloodshed. 
During the phone conversation, His Majesty the King affirmed Jordan's support for all efforts aimed at returning the situations to the path which would guarantee Iraqis aspirations as a whole by enhancing Iraq's stability, security in addition to maintain its unity and political independence as well as facing all the attempts aimed at interfering in the internal affairs of Iraq, undermining its security and preventing terrorists, who have been faced by Iraqis of all walks of life, from being allowed to renew their criminal acts against them. All of the that would be within a framework that promotes Iraq's renaissance, leads to reconstruct what have been destroyed by the terrorism, heads towards strengthening its internal front and boosting the community fabric of its people, in order to restore its natural place and its important position in the Arab and International environment.   

The President expressed his deep thanks and appreciation to His Majesty the King and the fraternal people of Jordan for the noble position towards Iraq and its people. His Excellency wished His Majesty good health and wellness and to all Jordanians progress and prosperity. 
His Excellency President Salih emphasized the continuing active pursuit of strengthening the unity of the Iraqis in their various components in meeting the challenges, overcoming the current situation toward reform, peace of the country, prioritizing national interests over differences, furthermore maintaining the security and stability of the state and society, thereby promoting freedoms and democracy.
 Iraq gratefully paid tribute to the important support provided by fraternal and friendly states in order to help Iraq to overcome these circumstances, the President highlighted.
During the phone call, the two leaders agreed upon moving forward towards a way which would further cement the brotherly relations between the two States and advance the ways of cooperation guaranteeing a better life for the both peoples a swell as helping to promote stability and progress in the region toward peace and security in these trying times which have been witnessed by the region. 

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