His Excellency President Salih followed with utmost interest and profound pain with the competent governmental authorities of what had happened on Friday, December 6, from criminal attack being carried out by armed criminal elements and outlaw gangs, resulted in a number of deaths and wounded of peaceful protestors at where popular unrest taking place. 
The President reaffirmed once again the legitimate rights for every citizen to protest and demonstrate peacefully as well as preventing and criminalizing any armed and violent reaction against peaceful protestors. 
Protecting peaceful protesters, public and private property and preserving the lives of Iraqis in addition to prosecute and arrest offenders and outlaw elements and to be brought to stand trial and to be received punishment are the responsibilities of State security bodies, the President stated.
The President called on everyone to respect the peaceful nature of the demonstrations calling for the reform, communal harmony, furthermore   cooperating between the citizens and state security bodies to maintain public security and to confront lawbreakers. 
 While extending deepest condolences and sympathies to all the families of the martyrs, wishing a speedy and complete recovery to all those who were wounded, His Excellency President Salih underlined his eagerness for the unity of Iraq in these trying moments to preserve the security of the homeland and the citizens' rights. Closely following with the competent authorities to reveal the truth, to safeguard civil peace, to guarantee freedom, justice and compliance with the law, he asserted. 


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