The President, Getting a Call Phone from his French Counterpart Emmanuel Macron, Affirms Iraq's Commitment to build Peace in the Region


President Salih received a phone call today from his French Counterpart Emmanuel Macron.

The two leaders exchanged views on the accelerating developments taking place in Iraq and the region.

President Salih expressed appreciation to the friendly States for having its stepped up to its kay support which would advance stability in Iraq and the region as well. Furthermore, he stressed that Iraq is keen to be a factor of stability and agreement in the region as well as rejecting any steps by any country to settle scores on Iraq's soil or being turned into a battleground for other countries. Protecting Iraq's sovereignty, completing victory against terror and reconstructing the country are the priority of Iraq and the international community, the President said.

The French President, in turn, showed his country's desire for Iraq to have stability, sovereignty and territorial integrity. Middle East's stability requires working to avoid Iraq the consequences of the international and regional crises, he stated.

Macron added that everyone has to come together to prevent Iraq from being a battleground for the disputed parties to settle their scores. Partners have to continue support for Iraq and its institutions to maintain peace and security and preserve the state's sovereignty.


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