The President, Speaking with Italy's PM, Talks about Regional and International Events


Talking through a telephone call with President Salih which was initiated by Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, regional developments and Middle East's recent events in addition to the international's attitudes towards what is going on, have been discussed.
Italy's PM underscored his country's desire towards Iraq's stability, security and sovereignty, as he highlighted the importance of the international community's support for Iraq. The need for exercising restraint as well as preventing an escalation of tension in the region, he emphasized.
President Salih noted that Iraq remains committed to meeting its international commitments, paying tribute to the international community's stances in fighting terror, asserted that the remnant forces of terrorism pose a threat to Iraq, region and the world as well.
His Excellency President stated that international efforts should be continued at all levels to dry up sources of terrorism, noted that the political and security tensions in the country and the region do not serve those efforts. Iraq is keen for its position to be a point of peacebuilding for regional and international convergence rather than a battleground for disputed parties.


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