The President Congratulates Iraqi Army on 99th Anniversary of Founding


President Salih congratulated all the formations of the Iraqi Army on Monday for the occasion of 99th founding anniversary.
The following is the text of congratulations:
"Today, while commemorating the 99th founding anniversary of the brave Iraqi army, Iraqis can recall with pride the heroic deeds which have been made by loyal men those belonging to all the formations of the Iraq's Army, Police, Popular Mobilization Forces, Peshmerga and Tribal Members. All of those are determined to eliminate the scourge of terrorism and realize triumph.
While recalling this occasion, today we are going through difficult and extremely complex situation that requires the unity of all Iraqis as well as prioritizing commonalities and the supreme national interest over differences to maintain Iraq's security, sovereignty and stability.
 The next stage requiring mutual cooperation, synergy and joint action with all Iraqis and all their components has priority to continue and sustain the momentum of victories which could be completed by chasing the remnants of the terrorist gangs, achieving decisive and final victory, meeting Iraqis demands for a free and dignified life which would preserve Iraq's sovereignty and independence, rebuilding the liberated cities as well as uplifting economic reality to secure the future of our next generations.
On this occasion, we congratulate the Iraqi Army's members, Leaders, Officers and Soldiers of different kinds and formations from the Army, Police, PMF and Peshmerga.
 We pray to the Almighty to hold the Martyrs' souls in mercy as we hope and pray for the early recovery of those injured.
May Allah save Iraq and its people.
Dr. Barham Salih,
President of the Republic."


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