The President, in a Phone Call with UN's Antonio Guterres, Discusses Regional and Global Developments


President Salih received today a phone call from United Nation Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.
During the phone conversation, the President and the Secretary General discussed the recent regional, international developments and the International Community's attitude towards the current global escalation.
Mr. Guterres stressed UN Organization's eagerness to support Iraq's stability and to safeguard its sovereignty. He expressed great concern at the recent rise in global tensions threaten international peace and security. The need to exercise maximum restraint, in addition to restart dialogue as a better way to deal with the crisis, Secretary-General highlighted.
The President, in turn, expressed gratitude and appreciation to Mr. Guterres for his phone call as well as for showing concern for the security, stability and sovereignty of Iraq.
His Excellency President emphasized his eagerness that Iraq must be a point of peace, cooperation and inclusion for all regional and international states rather than a battleground to further conflicts and tensions for various political agendas.


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