The President, On the Anniversary Celebrating of Founding Iraqi Police, Appreciates Sacrifices Made by Iraq's Police to Protect Citizens


President Salih congratulated today Iraqi police forces and all its formations, commanders, officers and soldiers, on the occasion of the anniversary of founding.
The following is the text of congratulations:
"On the anniversary of the establishment of the Iraq's police, we extend our warmest congratulations to all the leaders and members of Iraqi police forces, as we remember with great appreciation the ultimate sacrifices made by police's installations and its personnel to protect the citizens and the country in the war conducted by our people, our armed forces in their various forms and the policemen as well.
 Those who are fighting against terror present an example of heroism, courage and dedication to the noble national values.
 On this occasion, we stress the importance of acting with all means available to improve the professional, training and legal, cultural level.
Furthermore, we emphasize the improvement of the police services as well as providing them with sophisticated equipment so as to ensure advanced performance of the various police institutions and services.
In addition to provide citizens with the services required on an advanced professional basis that are consistent with police duties in a just democratic state, we assert.
We extend our best wishes to all of you for good, peace and every possible happiness.
We pray to the Almighty for the martyrs' souls eternal rest in peace and to grant their families the patience and solace.
Every year Iraq is safe and its people living peacefully.
President of the Republic,
Dr. Barham Salih."

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