President Mourns Passing of Oman's Sultan Qaboos


President Salih sent today a letter of condolences and sympathies to Oman's new ruler Sultan Haitham bin Tariq al-Said on the death of Sultan Qaboos.
The following is the text of condolences:
" His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq al-Said,
 Our hearts hurt deeply from having to hear the tragic news about passing of Sultan Qaboos who began modern renaissance by building a modern, prosperous and peaceful Oman.
The Middle East and the Arab World in which Oman is the first, have lost a wise and inspiring leader for the passing of Sultan Qaboos. The late Sultan was able to establish a modern Omani state which the Omanis were proud. He succeeded to place his State in the wise, balanced and moderate position in various stages of conflicts and wars which our region still continues paying for.
Therefore, the loss of Sultan Qaboos bin Said is thus a double loss in these circumstances, in which we need to hear the voice of moderation, wisdom as well as increasing capability for self-control to settle differences, in case of disagreements, in favor of the development and progress of our countries and region in addition to unify our efforts for peace and construction.
The loss is great with the death of Sultan Qaboos, but the confidence is certain that the ruling family and the fraternal Omani people are fully capable of continuing this vital role played by the late Sultan, whether in the construction and progress of Oman or in the pursuit of a wise and balanced regional policy.
On this mournful day, we send our sincere condolences to the Royal family and Oman's people.
We pray to the Almighty for the late Sultan's eternal rest in peace and for inspiring al-Said's family and Omanis all patience and solace.
 We belong to Allah, and to Him shall we return.
 Barham Salih,
President of the Republic."

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