The Presidency Denounces Airstrikes Target Positions in Iraq


The Presidency of the Republic condemned US-led airstrikes targeted positions in Iraq including Karbala Airport which is under construction. It resulted in the martyrdom and injury of a number of Iraqi security forces and as well as innocent Iraqis civilians.
Presidency, therefore, condemns this action as violation of national sovereignty, it reaffirms that addressing security situations comes through supporting Iraq's government to carry out its duties, strengthening its capacity and its will to impose law and to protect sovereignty. In addition, it rejects all steps by other countries to settle scores on Iraqi soil, those seeking to fight by proxy.
The continuous violations of Iraq's sovereignty are a grave and systemic weakening of the state's ability and reputation.
These are coinciding with a stage in which Iraq faces serious and unprecedented challenges in terms of political, economic, financial, security and health as well.
If these violations are repeatedly occurred, Iraq will plunge back into chaos and violence. Particularly, if the country goes through further escalate tensions, with noting that there are signs showing that ISIS is trying to regroup its fighters to threaten the security of the homeland and citizens.
This historical moment requires a national cohesion and joining forces towards a national project which relies on a sovereign state having independent decision. And Iraq must not be a battleground for other countries to settle their disputes. Focusing on completing and protecting the victory against terrorism, needs to be considered as fundamental.
The Presidency of the Republic calls upon the international community to support Iraq and respect its sovereignty and its independent national decision.


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