The President Appoints Adnan Al-Zarfi as Country's New Prime Minister


President Salih today tasked Adnan Al-Zarfi with forming the country's new government and to be an interim leader of the government.
During the appointing ceremony which was held at the Al-Salam Palace in Baghdad, the President wished the Prime Minister-designate would have every success in his new tasks. In addition to work on holding an early and fair election, to live up to the expectations of Iraqis, and to meet the legitimate demands of peaceful demonstrators by completing the required reforms, and to maintain Iraq's sovereignty, stability and security.
Iraqis deserve a better life than they have today that they made great sacrifices to live a life of freedom and dignity as well as to bring about the promising future for the population, the President added.
There are so many tasks and entitlements that Iraqi nation in its all components hopes to be completed, are yet to be. We hold these in trust, and we, therefore, have sacred responsibility. We should all strive to achieve it, he highlighted.


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