President Addresses Iraqi People on the Novel Coronavirus


President Salih delivered a speech today to the Iraqis on the risks of COVID-19.
The following is the full text of the President's speech:
"In the name of Allah most gracious, most merciful.
Brothers, sons and families living throughout Iraq, peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon all of you.
I take this blessing day of (Eid al-Mab'ath) the anniversary of the day Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) which was chosen as God’s messenger, to talk to you about the latest developments sweeping our world due to the risks of COVID-19, announced by WHO as it is a pandemic that threats humankind. In addition to the subsequent impact on the life of individuals namely the elder persons and chronic patients.
In the past few weeks, we have lost loved ones who have been infected with this virus. Those who most of them have been infected during their presence outside Iraq. According to the report that has been issued by the crisis cell formed by the government pursuing the Executive Order No. 55. 
We pray to the Almighty to hold their souls in mercy and to provide solace for their families and to all who loved them. Our hearts hurt deeply from having to lose them. May their souls rest in peace.
Unfortunately, we have witnessed over the past few days a remarkable increase in the numbers of persons having contracted coronavirus as a result of their gathering in the public places, non-limiting to their movements and lack of awareness to realize the seriousness of this epidemic and its consequences.
 Even though the Authorities in the Federal Government, the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Governorate Authorities took extraordinary measures to prevent contracting a coronavirus. These measures are the closure of borders, the curfew, the closure of gathering places, and the awareness of hygiene education.
The measures have been supported positively by the religious authorities, political, social, cultural and media figures. We are still waiting for more social awareness about how people can deal responsibly with this global epidemic and its consequences.
Dearly beloved:
It's our national duty to talk frankly to live up to the level of the crisis. We have to recognize that the situation is hard. There are risks which will be aggravated in our country if the people break curfew rules, non-limiting their movements, gathering in the public places and non-adhering to the preventive action.
We must also recognize that the infrastructure of our health system is not pretty good. This situation casts us further responsibility and requires us to have greater solidarity to overcome this crisis.
While highly appreciating the initiatives of the political and social figures to assist in this area, I would like to emphasize the call upon all social forces, the wealthy persons, owners of capitalists and relevant organizations to show the utmost cooperation and coordination with the official institutions concerned with this issue, as well as working alongside with the government's institutions to launch constructive social initiatives to address to the recent crises with minimum possible  casualties among people.
 We must all work together to provide food and sanitary materials to the people who need it. Media should have a leading role in promoting humanitarian initiatives such as calling for lowering the rents of houses, postponing banks' loans, as well as providing the necessary needs for the poor and humble families and low-income people.
We must never forget our people living in displaced persons' camps and the difficulties that they are facing. Ending of their plights, ensuring their protection and providing their needs should be sought to be achieved. Returning to their homes should be also facilitated.
This difficult moment requires all of us to stand together as a people who are well known for jealousy, gallantry and patience for their adversity. We are a people having a genuine historical and human experience which enabled them to overcome ordeals throughout history and gave them a power to get back to life with having more unwavering determination.
Today won't be any different than the bright history. Once again, our people will prove that what has been repeatedly proven is an example of hardness, synergy, understanding and sacrifice in the face of plights and challenges.
 We Iraqis, Arabs, Kurds, Turkmen, Muslims, Christians, other religions, ideologies and sects, officials and citizens, rich and poor, employees, workers and farmers, women, men, young people and children, all stand together in the front of this plight. Therefore, we will fight against this virus, and we will triumph over it. There is no choice but hope and confidence, after every day and night humanity's sun will shine.
My darlings,
Our cautions and precautionary measures should be risen to the level of the epidemic's risk without a panic and disorder. Preventive measures and treatment are considered to be fundamental as the Marjieia recommended and competent health authorities calling for.
We need to remember that many of the infected persons have been recovered with help of Allah and health personnel's efforts who are in the line to fight against novel coronavirus. Globally, there are tireless efforts to provide vaccines and the treatments for this epidemic.
However, I would like to reiterate to you the need to adhere to the health instructions, to limit your movements and non-gathering with others, to put at least 2meter as a space between each of you as well as informing the relevant health authorities in case of there is any serious symptoms of the coronavirus epidemic.
It is known that this commitment is not an easy one. It has economic, social consequences and pressures on people's lives and freedom of movement and work, but it is a necessary and urgent action which has been required at the current situation.
 State institutions and social institutions need to be prepared. It also requires broad social solidarity to alleviate the burden on low-income people, tenants and daily wage workers. We appreciate the generous initiatives of religious authorities, relief organizations, social figures and activists in this field.
 We will be able to overcome this crisis together with God willing, especially if we put our efforts together.  Furthermore, we have adopted helping the members of security forces and supporting the health teams to carry out their missions. All come together with wealthy and poor people, the manager with his employees and the father with his family.
Dearly beloved,
Our country faces the challenge of this global epidemic, and it is also witnessing serious political deadlock in the absence of a Government with full powers. We call upon our people to stand together.
First and foremost, we have to call upon political parties and forces to make solidarity among them to stand with the Iraqis against their plight. They, however, will steer the country out of the political turmoil which has unfortunately been intensified in recent months.
We confirm that this is a serious and dangerous moment. Everyone has a responsibility to live up to the level of responsibility that our people have shown in dealing with crises.
Greetings to the health teams of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, experts, assistants and technicians throughout the country as they continue the night by day to provide the care for the persons having contracted coronavirus until they are being recovered, God willing.
I send my greetings to the military and security forces throughout Iraq, to every soldier, Policeman, members of PMF and Peshmerga. Those who faithfully carry out their duties to maintain health security in neighborhoods, villages and cities, while defending the security, stability and future of our people either in the border or in the face of terrorism and its threats.
Greetings to every Iraqi mother who embraces her children to protect them from infection and teach them the health bases of their protection, and to every father urges his family not to leave the house except for necessity and makes sure to ease their anxiety and fear.
Greetings to all our young male and female people who have adhered to health instructions, spread awareness through social media, fight rumors, refuse to spread despair and frustration among citizens, and launch positive initiatives to help those in need.
Our people will achieve victory against coronavirus epidemic through their awareness, wisdom, solidarity, science, originality and patience as they realized the triumph against terrorism.
For indeed, with hardship [will be] ease. Indeed, with hardship [will be] ease.
Allah protect you and give you care.
Health and safety for you, your families and your loved ones.
We also wish a speedy recovery to those who are being infected.
We ask Almighty the mercy and eternity for Iraq's martyrs.
Peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon all of you.

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