President Welcomes National Support Group to Combat the Coronavirus Outbreak


President Salih met today at the Presidential Palace in Baghdad with the National Support Group to combat the coronavirus epidemic. The Minister of Health and the Environment, Dr. Jaafar Sadiq Allawi and The Head of the President’s Consultative Body Dr. Ali Al-Shukri attended the meeting.
The President stressed that the Presidency of the Republic would provide the logistical support to the National Support Group through embracing and sponsoring the work of the Group to overcome the crisis and reduce the damage and losses caused by coronavirus.  
Furthermore, he called on all citizens, businessmen, civil society organizations, unions, syndicates, clans and everyone who is able to support the Group's work to extend full cooperation for the success of its national task.
His Excellency the President emphasized that the current challenge required mobilizing the all public and official potential to confront the epidemic which threatens the lives of every citizen.
Extraordinary efforts and the laid plans and preparations to confront the epidemic were explained by the Minister of Health and the Environment to the President.
The National Support Group reviewed the nature of voluntary action to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus through supporting the governmental effort of the Ministry of Health and the crisis cell as well as providing health protection and treatment.


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