President, Meeting Trade Minister and Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Emphasizes the Need to Ensure the Ration Card Items and help Low-Income Families


President Salih met today at the Presidential Palace in Baghdad with Minister of Trade Dr. Mohammad Hashim al-Ani and Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Dr. Bassem Abdul-Zaman.
It is essential to continue providing foodstuffs at the local markets, and ensure the ration card items for citizens, in addition to accelerate the payment of social welfare to help needy families and boost solidarity within Iraqi society, the President confirmed.
He highlighted that currently, everyone has to come together to combat and stem the spread of coronavirus as it threatens the safety of our people and world's peoples as a whole.
Iraqi Minister of Trade, in turn, reviewed the plans set by the Ministry to ensure provision of ration card items and to follow up the measures of facilitating the entry of goods. He indicated that the Ministry placed its cadres on high operational readiness to meet citizens' key needs in these current circumstances.
The Minister of Labor and Social Affairs also presented his Ministry's plans on the social protection network to urgently secure and provide financial support for daily paid workers and poor families covered by the social protection net system. This is to compensate for their staying home and to provide living requirements of these people to slow the spread of the pandemic.


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