President Meets Kurdistan Region President, Nechirvan Barzani


President Salih met today in Sulaymaniyah with Kurdistan Region President Nechirvan Barzani.
Together, the two leaders discussed political situations in the country as well as the importance of adhering to the entitlements tracking steps of shaping the new Iraqi government headed by PM Mustafa al-kadhimi.
They agreed and emphasized that crises and disagreements need to be resolved, and we have to move forward to achieve political stability and security.
Furthermore, attention has to be paid to family life and livelihoods of all citizens throughout Iraq and Kurdistan Region as well.
The two sides underscored the importance of coordinating, cooperating and having more concerted efforts between the Federal Government and the KRG to rise above their present circumstances.
They believe that it is necessary to come together to ensure citizens' living standards and healthy aspects for all Iraqi.
All the regions of the country need to be secured and stable. Therefore, the remnants of terror have to be chased, they asserted.
President Salih and KRG 's President believe that it is essential to reach a definitive and fundamental solution to the outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil.
The solution should be based on the constitution. Particularly the files of the budget and employees' salaries of KRG which should be solved on an equal footing with other salaries of State's employees.
The two Presidents confirmed that there is a need for political unity as well as to enhance solidarity among national political parties. 
It was also emphasized that the new government has to be boosted to address Iraqis' legitimate rights to undertake the necessary reforms which would provide for all Iraqis a life of freedom and dignity.


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