President, Meeting Diyala's Governor, a Number of Clan Elders and Dignitaries, Emphasizes Establishing of Security and Stability, Promoting National Unity


President Salih received today at the Presidential Palace in Baghdad Diyala's Governor Mr. Muthanna Ali al-Tamimi alongside with a number of clan elders and city's dignitaries. The meeting was attended by a number of parliament members.
The President stated that it is essential to combine efforts and to join together to establish security and stability in the city, in addition to not allow ISIS gangs to target Iraqi social fabric and civil peace in Diyala Governorate especially in Khanagin and Jalula.
Furthermore, he stressed the importance of cooperating, coordinating and standing together with security forces at their various configurations Army, Police, PMF, Peshmerga to promote national unity and to establish the values of tolerance and fraternity.
Diyala's Governor, in turn, explained in detail about the reality of the situation of Diyala and the problems that it faces.
 Moreover, he commended the President's efforts for following up the province's affairs in order to deliver the best services to the citizens.


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